Dressing with dementia


Our own feeling of style is a way of expressing our character, so it’s vital that the dementia patient be able to make outfit decisions for themselves. Assisting with dressing might be required as their condition advances, so here are some straightforward tips to make the process manageable for everyone.

Dressing with dementia

To begin, spread out their whole outfit on a plain background, to stop them from being distracted by colours. Use delicate prompts if needed. You could name their drawers and wardrobe to make discovering garments simple. It’s an idea to store away things they won’t regularly wear, as it will make it easy to pick their own outfits, without getting too overwhelmed and giving them too much choice. 

Make it a pleasant experience

Dressing yourself can be enjoyable and when you are a dementia patient, the sense of achievement will be greater. So make it an easy process. Set a good temperature for the room, make sure the lighting is suitable; bright enough, without shadows, and encourage them. Take them to the bathroom first to go to the toilet before you start. If you have an appointment to attend, don’t expect them to get dressed 10 minutes before you need to leave. So the key is to make sure plenty of time is available. Support them and encourage them to take as long as they need to. Let them know that you are there to help if they require but that the idea is for them to complete the task themselves. If you keep this a relaxed affair, it should set the tone for the rest of the day. 

Dressing with dementia

Assist them with looking and feel their best 

Assisting with dressing can become testing if a dementia persistently won’t put on something else. You can work around it by removing dirty clothes and replacing with clean new ones, while they are washing or after they’ve headed to sleep. It makes sense to buy a couple of similar items, or pairs of clothes and only keeping a few outfits coordinated their favoured style. Urge them to change their clothes if they’re going out or are anticipating a guest, and praise them on their outfits. Having said that, some garments don’t should be changed each day, as long as it doesn’t cause a hygiene issue. As dementia progresses, patients may not realise when they are getting hot or cold, so layering is advised so you can help them if need be. 

Enjoy shopping together 

Taking care of somebody with dementia can be a rewarding experience for the both of you. Arrange a shopping trip and encourage them to pick out some new clothes. Visit shops that they know about and keep a distance from shops with too much choice. Alternatively, take a look at a catalogue or website together, so loved one can do this from the comfort of their home and calm surroundings. Stretchy textures and Velcro fastenings can make it simpler for the individual to put on and take off clothes while non-slip shoes are a significant piece of each outfit.

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