About Us


What’s important to us?

We care

The team at Enhanced Living believes in raising standards and changing attitudes when it comes to  Live-in care. We aim to help families, place value on our carers and ultimately create happy pairings between the two.

We’re honest

We understand the issues people face in the UK care industry. That’s why Enhanced Living strives to be open and informative about who we are, how we operate and what we offer.

We’re listen

It’s not easy when an individual is let down by care, or when a carer feels frustrated. The team at Enhanced Living are on hand to listen to all your care issues and provide support you can rely on.


Get to know the Founder

Geoff Baxter

Hello and welcome to Enhanced Living 

I started Enhanced Living to provide Live-in care after my family struggled to find a proper care-home for my Gran. The care-homes that we looked at were expensive, soul-less, and full of underpaid and disinterested staff.

We have now been helping families find Live-In Care for nearly 10 years and I firmly believe it’s the best care that a person can received. We all feel safest in our own homes and that’s why Live-In Care is a brilliant alternative to a care-home.

When the option of your loved one staying in their own home is so affordable then why would you choose anything else?

Enhanced Living is about matching families with great carers who are paid well and treated with respect. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that only the best carers work with our clients

Only 1 in 8 carers that apply to Enhanced Living are successful

I personally speak to every single one of our clients before they join us and if you have any questions then drop me an email or give me a phone.





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